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2012 ICSC - SEATTLECement and CO2Barcelo, L.June 6, 2012; 7:07 amThe Cement industry is responsible for a...850
2012 ICSC - SEATTLECharacterizing Waste Concrete FinesJanssen, D.June 5, 2012; 2:03 pmVarious aspects of concrete construction...763
2012 ICSC - SEATTLECharacterizing Waste Concrete Fines - PaperJanssen, D.June 13, 2012; 11:29 amVarious aspects of concrete construction...726
2012 ICSC - SEATTLEConcrete Delivery OptimizationShilstone, J.June 6, 2012; 7:51 amWhile the carbon footprint of cement has...1270
2012 ICSC - SEATTLEConcrete Product Category RulesSimonen, K.June 5, 2012; 1:51 pmIn order to report the environmental imp...823
2012 ICSC - SEATTLEConcrete That Cools the AirSingletary, G.June 5, 2012; 12:12 pmOasiscrete is a proprietary specialty co...754
2012 ICSC - SEATTLEConcrete's Contribution to LEED 2012Peng, T.June 5, 2012; 2:02 pmWith the arrival of LEED 2012 comes chan...754
2012 ICSC - SEATTLEConcrete's Role in Sustainable DevelopmentHult, A. - Miller, A.June 6, 2012; 7:19 amThe National Ready Mixed Concrete Associ...749
2012 ICSC - SEATTLEConcrete-Filled Tubes with High-Volume CementLehman, D.June 6, 2012; 8:03 amProduction of Portland Cement for concre...806
2012 ICSC - SEATTLECreating Value from SustainabilitySantero, N.June 5, 2012; 1:50 pmThe concrete industry has asserted itsel...759

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