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2012 ICSC - SEATTLELong-term Drying Shrinkage PropertiesMorohashi, N.June 13, 2012; 11:37 amThe quality of recycled aggregate derive...493
2012 ICSC - SEATTLEModel-base Life-Cycle AssessmentUlm, F.June 13, 2012; 2:13 pmOne of the key challenges of sustainable...499
2012 ICSC - SEATTLEOptimizing Concrete Mixtures for PerformanceObla, K.June 5, 2012; 11:40 amMany concrete specifications impose mini...630
2012 ICSC - SEATTLEPorous Pavements, Stormwater InfiltrationEstes, C.June 6, 2012; 8:07 amIn North America, the majority of munici...474
2012 ICSC - SEATTLEPrecast/Prestressed Concrete Institute (PCI)Frank, D.June 5, 2012; 12:07 pmIn order to better understand precast co...466
2012 ICSC - SEATTLEProject Emissions Estimator (PE-2)Mukherjee, A.June 5, 2012; 11:43 amWith increasing emphasis on sustainabili...692
2012 ICSC - SEATTLEProperties of ConcreteHossiney, N.June 5, 2012; 1:48 pmThe mechanical and thermal property of c...485
2012 ICSC - SEATTLEProperties of Concrete - PaperHossiney, N.July 10, 2012; 9:56 amThe mechanical and thermal property of c...556
2012 ICSC - SEATTLEQuantifying the Real vs MethodologicalYang, F.June 5, 2012; 1:52 pmLife-Cycle Assessment (LCA) is the metho...459
2012 ICSC - SEATTLERecycled Carpet Fiber Reinforced ConcreteKotwal, A.June 5, 2012; 2:05 pmIn an industry that is driven by innovat...510

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