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2013 ICSC - SAN FRAN10 Questions LCA Can AnswerYang, F.May 21, 2013; 10:54 amThe LCA Working Group of the SEI Sustain...1309
2013 ICSC - SAN FRANA Novel Cementitious Calcium CarbonateChen, I.May 21, 2013; 10:20 amA novel calcium carbonate cement system ...1194
2013 ICSC - SAN FRANAdvances in Green ConcreteKinney, F.May 21, 2013; 10:39 amThis presentation discusses use of flyas...1099
2013 ICSC - SAN FRANAn Approach for Analyzing Cost and EnergyWuestemeyer, C.May 16, 2013; 1:00 pmIn 2009, the UN identified the building ...973
2013 ICSC - SAN FRANBehavior of Confined and Unconfined RubberizeElGawady, M.May 16, 2013; 11:50 amThe large amount of tired finding their ...993
2013 ICSC - SAN FRANBond in Strain Hardening Fiber-Reinforced CemBendelt, M.May 21, 2013; 10:16 amHigh performance fiber-reinforced cement...976
2013 ICSC - SAN FRANCharacterizing and Implementing UncertaintySwei, O.May 16, 2013; 12:48 pmLife Cycle Cost Analysis (LCCA) evaluate...989
2013 ICSC - SAN FRANCoal Ash Material SafetyBradley, L.May 16, 2013; 11:03 amRecycling of coal ash (CCPs) is one of t...967
2013 ICSC - SAN FRANComparative Analysis of the Life-Cycle ImpactHorvath, A.May 16, 2013; 12:59 pmConcrete manufacturing accounts for more...980
2013 ICSC - SAN FRANControlling the Cohesion of Calcium SilicateBrunel, F.May 16, 2013; 11:04 amDue to its excellent mechanical strength...1000

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