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2014 ICSC - DUBAIChloride Ion Condensation in Pore SolutionShi, C.December 22, 2014; 1:16 pmChloride Ion Condensation in Pore Soluti...631
2014 ICSC - DUBAIDeveloping Durability Specifications in GulfHassan, K.December 22, 2014; 1:24 pmDeveloping Durability Specifications in ...585
2014 ICSC - DUBAIStrengthening of Reinforced Concrete BeamsHawileh, R.December 22, 2014; 1:18 pmStrengthening of Reinforced Concrete Bea...583
2014 ICSC - DUBAISustainable Permeable Pavements in DubaiEl-Hassan, H.December 22, 2014; 1:25 pmSustainable Permeable Pavements in Dubai...772
2014 ICSC - DUBAISustainable Practices in the Concrete IndustrKumar Syamaprasad, Sh.December 22, 2014; 1:22 pmSustainable Practices in the Concrete In...508
2014 ICSC - DUBAITransparency and Social ResponsibilityLemay, L.December 22, 2014; 1:21 pmTransparency and Social Responsibility: ...494
2014 ICSC - DUBAIUnderstanding Variability of ConcreteLobo, C.December 22, 2014; 1:19 pmUnderstanding Variability of Concrete, B...551

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