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2016 ICSC - WASHINGTON DCComparing the Mechanical and FractureWeiss, J.June 21, 2016; 12:44 pmPAPER - This paper compares the mechanic...357
2016 ICSC - WASHINGTON DCContext-dependence of Hazard MitigationMiller, T. R.June 21, 2016; 10:10 amBuilding owners can decide to invest in ...332
2016 ICSC - WASHINGTON DCDesign and Application of the PrecastSaglik, A.June 21, 2016; 9:16 am"This paper describes the challeges of a...516
2016 ICSC - WASHINGTON DCDesign and Application of the PrecastSaglik, A.June 21, 2016; 12:36 pmPAPER - "This paper describes the challe...1005
2016 ICSC - WASHINGTON DCDesign for DurabilityHooton, R.D.June 21, 2016; 11:54 amThere are many ways to reduce the initia...346
2016 ICSC - WASHINGTON DCDesign of Sustainable and Resilient ConcreteSrubar, W.June 21, 2016; 10:12 amWhile conventional concrete mixture desi...410
2016 ICSC - WASHINGTON DCDrying Shrinkage of Alkali Activated CementsHojati, M.June 21, 2016; 11:43 amThis paper studied the drying shrinkage ...336
2016 ICSC - WASHINGTON DCEarly-Age Expansion of Biomass-Fly AshOmran, A.June 21, 2016; 10:07 amWastepaper sludge ash (WSA) produced fro...373
2016 ICSC - WASHINGTON DCEarly-Design Life Cycle AssessmentMiller, T. R.June 21, 2016; 10:31 amLife Cycle Assessment (LCA) tools are ti...372
2016 ICSC - WASHINGTON DCEffect of 'Chat' on Mechanical Properties ofBasha, F.June 21, 2016; 12:10 pmPAPER - This research is aimed at produc...446

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