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Achieving Differential Durability
Name: Achieving Differential Durability
File: Buffenbarger Paper 08-09-11.pdf
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Event: 2011 ICSC - BOSTON
Speaker Name: Buffenbarger, J.
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Date Uploaded: September 15, 2011; 9:42 am
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Climate change is one of the defining issues of the 21st century as studies show greenhouse gas emissions may more than double this century. Designers face unique challenges to select and utilize low-carbon building materials to address sustainability requirements on both private and government building and infrastructure projects. Differential durability of construction materials cause significant economic impacts, and can also affect sustainability in terms of environmental degradation, resource depletion, greenhouse gas emissions, and reduction in bio-diversity. In order to effectively address durability issues, it is important to examine the service life of the components of those structures, as well as the materials that comprise those components. Concrete building materials manufactured with blended cements intrinsically offer substantial service life extension that result in an optimal balance of economic, environmental, and societal benefits while addressing the challenges of climate change, functionality, and differential durability.

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