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Improving Sustainability of Concrete Const.
Name: Improving Sustainability of Concrete Const.
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Event: 2011 ICSC DOHA
Speaker Name: Fidjestol, P.
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An initial study has been performed on the ways in which the use of high strength concrete and special construction features will improve sustainability related aspects of general concrete construction. Compared to current practice resource consumption is reduced by about 40 %, CO2 by 55 % and cost by 15% - all designed within current codes and essentially within code requirements to material composition. The approach is based on the combination of four main steps:

• Using high strength concrete to minimize the consumption of materials
• Use advanced materials design methods (particle packing) to minimize the consumption of binder materials.
• Optimize the binder by using the maximum possible of SCM’s, thus minimizing the clinker
• Use available technology to reduce concrete volume in floor slabs

The paper will discuss the limitations and bottlenecks facing this approach, along with a look at the future in terms of opportunities to further optimize material composition when other factors influence the availability of present day volume SCM’s, such as fly ash and slag, and the impact of sub-micron silica fume on strength development and other properties of the resulting ternary binders.

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