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Overview of Future Concretes w/a Description
Name: Overview of Future Concretes w/a Description
File: Harrison, J. 11-16-11.pdf
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Event: 2011 ICSC DOHA
Speaker Name: Harrison, J.
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Date Uploaded: December 9, 2011; 10:26 am
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This paper investigates the drivers, options needs and barriers to the implementation of new more sustainable concrete technology. It looks at the candidates and establishes that that the business model and training policy of companies in the industry must change before the many small improvements that have already been made can be implemented by incorporated them in cements. It concludes that all the basic technology is available but what is needed is a few formulation tweaks, many process changes and some lateral thinking to make a substantial difference. The paper concludes that innovation must address new markets as well as sustainability issues and it is time to revisit older cements with new chemical tools such as reactive magnesia the ramifications of the use of which is examined in some detail.

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