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Towards Performance-Based Specifications
Name: Towards Performance-Based Specifications
File: Mansour, W. 11-16-11.pdf
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Event: 2011 ICSC DOHA
Speaker Name: Mansour, W.
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Date Uploaded: December 9, 2011; 10:28 am
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Prescriptive and performance specifications have been in existence for as long as code requirements and specifications for concrete have existed. Prescriptive specifications have historically had a predominant share in the UAE construction market. Nevertheless, there was always a concern that prescriptive specification hinders the contractors and/or readymix suppliers from using innovative materials and ideas that support the sustainability and performance of the end product. As the interest in achieving sustainable and durable end-products is progressively prevailing nowadays, performance specification has started to gain more acceptance at the clients and specifiers level especially after the recent issuance of some supporting standards and guidelines (i.e., NRMCA P2P reports, ACI ITG-8R-10 etc.). In many cases, prescriptive specifications fail to be up to date with new concrete technologies. They can also be conflicting whenever they call for both specific types of raw material and specific performance of the end product. Since Readymix Abu Dhabi is the frontrunner in bringing new technologies to the UAE concrete market for the last 35 years, promoting for sustainable concrete and performance specifications have been ones of its main objectives. Readymix Abu Dhabi will share its experience learned in two large scale projects in Abu Dhabi where prescriptive specifications have been successfully replaced by performance based ones.

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