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Energy Efficiency of Buildings
Name: Energy Efficiency of Buildings
File: Ledwith Presentation Final 5-8-12.pdf
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Event: 2012 ICSC - SEATTLE
Speaker Name: Ledwith, A.
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Date Uploaded: June 5, 2012; 11:32 am
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Space heating and air conditioning amount to 49% of all US residential energy consumption, incurring $82 billion in expenses every year. Given the economic impact of building energy consumption, there is a growing societal need for an improved understanding of energy efficiency in the residential sector. This work proposes a simplified model of a residential house to provide quantitative relationships between key building parameters. Specifically, the parameters of interest can be reduced to architectural, material, geographical, and occupational. Architectural parameters include geometry, glazing, orientation, and air leakage through materials and joints. Each of these parameters has been studied previously by others, separately and in relation to specific buildings. In contrast with those studies, this work develops an idealized cube model of the single-family detached home to better understand the quantitative interdependencies and trade-offs. Numerical analysis of the model has provided indications of key building aspect ratios, window optimization as a function of orientation, and important impact areas for building construction versus building science. The resulting data can be used to create innovations in the design of the single-family house.

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