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Green Concrete Design Incorporating LCA
Name: Green Concrete Design Incorporating LCA
File: buehler presentation final 05-08-12.pdf
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Event: 2012 ICSC - SEATTLE
Speaker Name: Buhler, E.
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Date Uploaded: June 5, 2012; 11:51 am
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High Performance Concrete (HPC) designs commonly incorporate Recovered Mineral Components (RMC) that are also known as Supplementary Cementitious Materials (SCM), if not only for the original intent of a positive economic impact as a cement replacement, but more so to provide concrete with superior workability characteristics and increased long-term durability (Life Cycle), specifically when designing public sector projects, such as transportation, marine environment or waste management, but also large residential, retail and office structures. Utilizing data from publicly available governmental, institutional and academic sources, any concrete mix designs can now be assigned with Energy Savings, Avoided CO2 Emissions, Carbon Footprint values per unit measure of concrete, as well as life cycle expectancy. In this report, these values will be interpreted onto past and current projects utilizing high performance concrete and compare the Sustainability rationale to conventional concrete with much lower total cementitious contents.

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