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Durability of Portland Limestone Cement
Name: Durability of Portland Limestone Cement
File: Blair Presentation Final 5-9-12.pdf
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Event: 2012 ICSC - SEATTLE
Speaker Name: Blair, B.
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Date Uploaded: June 5, 2012; 12:01 pm
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In response to ever-increasing market demand for sustainable building solutions, Lafarge has recently introduced a new portland-limestone cement (PLC) in Canada. PLC is a new category of cement that is now referenced in the Canadian Standards Association (CSA A3000 and A23.1) and provides performance similar to conventional portland cement with up to 10% less CO2 emissions. PLC is produced by inter-grinding portland cement clinker with between 6% and 15% limestone. Based on a number of trials and considerable testing, PLC will achieve comparable performance to normal portland cement in terms of concrete workability, set time, concrete strength development and durability. The performance is achieved by optimizing the PLC with regards to composition and particle-size distribution.This paper presents data from laboratory as well as field studies, comparing the durability of concrete produced with normal portland cement to PLC. The assessment also included incorporating numerous SCMs at a variety of replacement levels.

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