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Concrete Product Category Rules
Name: Concrete Product Category Rules
File: Simonen Presentation Final 05-09-12.pdf
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Event: 2012 ICSC - SEATTLE
Speaker Name: Simonen, K.
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Date Uploaded: June 5, 2012; 1:51 pm
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In order to report the environmental impacts related to a products manufacture, use and disposal (an Environmental Product Declaration or EPD), agreed upon accounting methods or 'rules' must be created for the product 'category' (a Product Category Rule, PCR) to address the unique characteristics, scope and performance of individual products and materials to enable accurate comparisons between products. Over the past year a committee lead by the Carbon Leadership Forum (www.carbonleadershipforum.org) worked to develop rigorous and applicable PCR for concrete. Developed in consultation with industry, academia and government and in accordance with ISO 14025 standards, finalized after an open consultation period, the final PCR will be available at the time of the conference. The presentation will include three components: the contents of the PCR will be; the technical details of two key issues, allocation of waste product impacts and data variability, will be developed in some detail; and potential next steps for concrete suppliers looking to develop EPDs using this PCR will be discussed.

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