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Bridging the Gap
Name: Bridging the Gap
File: Szecsy Presentation Final 5-10-12.pdf
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Event: 2012 ICSC - SEATTLE
Speaker Name: Szecsy, R.
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The pace of sustainable and green construction is rapidly increasing. However, the educational model that we are using in which to teach students about materials and concrete design is not. Under the current system, students entering the market are faced with terms, ideas, and design goals that they have not seen in their university programs. This places both the industry and the university programs at a disadvantage. However, the burden to change does not just lie with the university; it also must come from the industry. This means as an industry we have to be explicit, not implicit with the requirements regarding sustainable design and green building requirements. Effectively, the industry has a stake in this, and as such needs to be part of where the information originates. This presentation will showcase current educational approaches and how the industry can help shape them for the future in an effort to move and progress sustainable implementation in the marketplace at a faster and more successful pace.

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