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Building Industry Leadership
Name: Building Industry Leadership
File: Hayes Presentation Final 5-8-12.pdf
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Event: 2012 ICSC - SEATTLE
Speaker Name: Hayes, D.
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Date Uploaded: June 13, 2012; 2:12 pm
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About 9,000 years BC, humans first began gathering into small settlements. The world population then is thought to have been less than one million people. The emerging "cities" housed a trivial fraction of that population, and their impacts on the broader environment were inconsequential. Just 11,000 years later -- barely an eye blink in the planet's history -- the world's population has grown to more than 7 billion people, more than half of whom live in cities. In the United States, 82 percent live in cities. Urban impacts -- direct and indirect -- have grown formidable, and are mostly destructive. It is essential, now that humanity has begun to unleash planet-altering forces upon the earth, to begin constructing human environments that emphasize resilience and sustainability. Many experiments of varying scope are underway on every continent. Hayes will describe a pioneering project by the Bullitt Foundation to construct a six story office building in downtown Seattle that uses net zero energy, releases net zero carbon, consumes net zero water, and is toxic free. It achieves these goals while remaining comfortable and healthy, and while providing its tenants a beautiful workspace that fosters productivity. The Bullitt Center has a design life of 250 years, and it is a sound investment.

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