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A Novel Cementitious Calcium Carbonate
Name: A Novel Cementitious Calcium Carbonate
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Event: 2013 ICSC - SAN FRAN
Speaker Name: Chen, I.
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Date Uploaded: May 21, 2013; 10:20 am
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A novel calcium carbonate cement system made from CO2 containing flue gas is described. Calcium carbonate has three anhydrous crystalline polymorphs: vaterite, aragonite and calcite, where vaterite being the least and calcite being the most thermodynamically stable polymorph. Previous research has demonstrated that the polymorphic transformation from vaterite to aragonite through a dissolution-reprecipitation process in water exhibits
some cementitious properties; however, with low strength. In this study, vaterite was produced by capturing and mineralizing CO2 from natural gasgenerated flue gas in a mixed stream of calcium-rich natural brine and alkalinity. For optimum cementitious properties, the vaterite was highly engineered
for particle size distribution, lattice and surface properties to control its polymorphic transformation to aragonite and the size, morphology, and bridging of the aragonite crystals formed. As a result, the final cemented material achieved a compressive strength of 33 MPa in paste, mortar, and concrete, showcasing the good binding properties of the calcium carbonate cement with inorganic substances.

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