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A Sustainable Approach for Returned Concrete
Name: A Sustainable Approach for Returned Concrete
File: Amekuedi Presentation 5-13-14.pdf
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Event: 2014 ICSC - BOSTON
Speaker Name: Amekuedi, Godwin
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Date Uploaded: May 21, 2014; 11:04 am
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Presentation - Each year, concrete producers generate millions of tons of residual concrete from the wash out of concrete drums. This material, regardless of its final disposition, once removed from the truck is exhausting our resources and contributing to a less sustainable future. Utilizing existing
technologies for chemical admixtures and taking the opportunity to new levels of sustainable material management can significantly impact our concrete industry. Quantifying the results with a third party validated methodology brings credibility to the results reducing opportunities for
“greenwashing”. Developing new best practices to support sustainable development should be the approach we all consider. This presentation will provide insight into 1) the overall impact of returned concrete in North America; 2) managing returned concrete from a sustainable perspective; 3) quantifying the environmental impact of managing returned concrete; 4) the financial and environmental impact of managing returned concrete for a sustainable future; 5) a case study for North America.

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