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Analyzing Cost and Hazard Resistance
Name: Analyzing Cost and Hazard Resistance
File: Noshadravan Presentation 5-13-14.pdf
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Event: 2014 ICSC - BOSTON
Speaker Name: Noshadravan, Arash
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Date Uploaded: May 21, 2014; 11:55 am
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Presentation - One of the challenges in developing a comprehensive Life cycle cost assessment (LCCA) framework for residential buildings is how to quantify
and incorporate different building performance metrics into the process of comparative cost assessment. One of the performance metrics that needs to be accounted for is the resilience of the built system - the structural resistance to hazards as a quantitative descriptor of the resilience in
the level of individual buildings. In this research we present a probabilistic risk-based framework for analyzing cost and hazard resistance trade-offs in alternative residential building systems. Specifically, we focus on characterizing the life cycle cost due to mitigation strategies and repairs in residential buildings subjected to earthquake. The presented framework includes probabilistic hazard modeling, fragility modeling, and damage estimation. A case study is presented to demonstrate the methodology for conducting cost-performance trade-off analysis of alternative building systems.

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