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Buildings Instead of Landfills: Recycled
Name: Buildings Instead of Landfills: Recycled
File: Naugle Presentation 5-13-14.pdf
Size(MB): 2.95MB
Extension: PDF
Event: 2014 ICSC - BOSTON
Speaker Name: Naugle, Matthew
Managed by: sdickens
Date Uploaded: May 22, 2014; 9:30 am
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Presentation - Can we find ways to design concrete structures that contain substantial amounts of recycled plastics without causing an overall increased environmental footprint compared to conventional alternatives? In an attempt to answer this question, we explored design strategies that leverage
the lightweight nature of different plastics and their ability to reduce the overall weight of the structure. If a meaningful degree in total weight reduction is possible for the superstructure, then we can include some amount of the more EE/EC-intensive plastics into the design without causing an overall increase in EE/EC intensity. To study this hypothesis three lightweight reinforced concrete slab systems were investigated,
each with a different type of recycled plastic embedded within the makeup of the slab.

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