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An Investigation of Blended Cements
Name: An Investigation of Blended Cements
File: kotwal paper 05-12-15 2B.pdf
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Event: 2015 ICSC - MIAMI
Speaker Name: Kotwal, A.
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Date Uploaded: May 29, 2015; 2:23 pm
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Paper - The production of portland cement is one of the largest sources of energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions in the world. Although cement is critical to the development of most infrastructure, regulations and permitting make it extremely cumbersome to increase production capacity. Consequently, the investigation of cement replacement in concrete mixtures is considered to be a worthwhile challenge in the construction industry. By intergrinding limestone with clinker, cement manufacturers can increase overall production volume and decrease material costs. The present research takes advantage of these benefits through the development of two to four innovative and sustainable blended cements with limestone content up to 25%. However, to determine their feasibility in concrete applications, it is crucial to evaluate the characteristics of the materials and their effect on fresh and hardened properties. An experimental program was performed to support the development of portland limestone cement. Preliminary results indicate a slight decrease in compressive strength due to higher limestone content, although drying shrinkage appears to be unaffected. Additional mechanical and durability testing is being performed, and recommendations will be provided for applications in the construction industry.

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