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AetherTM a Low CO2 Cement
Name: AetherTM a Low CO2 Cement
File: barcelo presentation 05-12-15 3A.pdf
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Event: 2015 ICSC - MIAMI
Speaker Name: Barcelo, L.
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Date Uploaded: May 29, 2015; 2:38 pm
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"The manufacture of concrete accounts for over 5% of manmade CO2 emissions, but this is primarily due to the enormous global demand for such construction materials, especially in rapidly developing economies. Nevertheless, compared to most other building materials, concrete has a very low carbon footprint, and it cannot easily be substituted by anything that is more environmentally sustainable. Despite this, the cement and concrete industries continue to work on minimizing their environmental impact. The low-cost options, such as re-use of industrial by-products, are already being used to a large extent and are close to saturation. So if we want to further reduce the specific carbon emissions associated with concrete manufacture and meet the very tough CO2 emissions targets that are likely to be set in the near future, it’s important to realize that ‘Business as Usual’ won’t be an option.
With AetherTM, a belite-calcium sulfoaluminate-ferrite cement, Lafarge has patented a new category of cements that can potentially reduce specific CO2 emissions by 30% compared to Portland Cements, and can also in principle be manufactured in existing cement plants in most locations worldwide. The presentation will summarize the characteristics of AetherTM cements and provide an update on their development (performance, durability, etc…)."

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