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Enhanced Cementitious Efficiency
Name: Enhanced Cementitious Efficiency
File: cost presentation 05-12-15 3A.pdf
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Event: 2015 ICSC - MIAMI
Speaker Name: Cost, T.
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Date Uploaded: May 29, 2015; 2:42 pm
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"This presentation will begin with a brief review of published work by the authors that documents the potential for increased interaction efficiency of many common supplementary cementitious materials (SCMs) when portland limestone cement (PLC) is used. These trends have been found to, in many cases, produce meaningful improvement of strengths (at all ages but especially early ages) over those of otherwise identical mixtures using ordinary portland cement (OPC), contributing to mix sustainability by facilitating greater SCM use, reduction of cement clinker content of the cement used, and potential reduction of total cementitious content of concrete mix designs. This work, and literature review of the subject, have already identified general categories of SCMs (types and properties) with the greatest potential for beneficial interaction with PLC.
The most recent focus of ongoing work by the authors has related to the specific chemical and physical properties of PLCs that drive the greatest performance synergy with SCMs as well as the specific SCM properties that maximize this performance potential. Of particular interest is the necessary fineness of PLC, since this controls the available surface area of the limestone particles, known to influence the extent of possible chemical interaction with SCMs. This also affects, to some extent, the sustainability metrics of PLC, since finer grinding requires increased energy and grinding time investments.
Among new data to be presented are the results of concrete trials using aggressive SCM replacement of cement with both OPC (as a control) and PLC samples of varying fineness, from the same plant, made from similar clinker. Considering the objectives of maximizing the potential for beneficial cement-SCM interaction and overall cementitious efficiency, conclusions will be presented relative to optimal PLC fineness and other properties, as well as SCM type and general chemical and physical attributes. Example concrete mixtures that capture these benefits and result in reductions of CO2 footprint and embodied energy approaching 50% (relative to traditional mixtures with similar performance) will be presented."

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