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Athena Impact Estimator for Highways
Name: Athena Impact Estimator for Highways
File: Meil Presentation 05-13-15 4C.pdf
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Event: 2015 ICSC - MIAMI
Speaker Name: Meil, J.
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Date Uploaded: June 1, 2015; 8:29 am
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"Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) is acknowledged as the most comprehensive way to evaluate the environmental impact of a Roadway over its lifetime. The Impact Estimator for Highways with its intuitive user interface puts the power of LCA in the hands of designers and policy analysts so they can better weigh the environmental implications of alternative roadway designs.
Loaded with a large material and construction equipment database and the flexibility to specify unique pavements and rehabilitation schedules, the software allows for quick and easy comparison of multiple alternative roadway design options. It is also the first commercial software capable of modeling pavement vehicle interactions (PVI), so designers can optionally consider roadway roughness and deflection on predicted roadway traffic fuel consumption.
This presentation will highlight the latest software developments including the web-enabled version, support for U.S. locations, the integration of PVI, and an illustrative comparison of two alternative pavement designs in two different U.S. locations."

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