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Development of Application of Recycled
Name: Development of Application of Recycled
File: Tuladhar Presentation 05-13-15 5B.pdf
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Event: 2015 ICSC - MIAMI
Speaker Name: Tuladhar, R.
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Due to the sheer volume of concrete poured every year around the world it is very important to consider sustainability aspects of concrete. On the other hand, increase in production and consumption of plastics has resulted in significant increase in plastic pollution in the last few decades. This paper researches on the development and application of recycled polypropylene fibres produced from industrial waste to reinforce concrete elements.Virgin plastic fibres are increasingly used to replace steel in concrete elements; however, the use of recycled plastic fibres has not been widely accepted by the concrete industry yet. With the modified melt spinning and hot drawing process it was possible to produce recycled plastic fibres with enough strength to replace virgin plastic fibres or reinforcing steel mesh in concrete elements such as footpaths, precast concrete elements like drainage pits, culverts and sleepers. Round determinate panel tests and Crack Mouth Opening Tests conducted on concrete reinforced with recycled plastic firbes showed comparable results to the specimen reinforced with virgin plastic fibres. Life cycle assessment of the recycled plastic fibres also showed 90% less environmental impact compared to the steel mesh.

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