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Beyond EPDs: Using LCA Models and
Name: Beyond EPDs: Using LCA Models and
File: duque presentation 05-13-15 5C.pdf
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Event: 2015 ICSC - MIAMI
Speaker Name: Duque, D.
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"During 2014 Argos undertook a project aiming to obtain an EPD covering 19 concrete mixes produced at 18 different concrete plants in the major metropolitan market of Dallas – Ft. Worth. This initiative was accompanied by PRé Sustainability, a leading company in LCA. As a result Argos obtained an NRMCA certified EPD covering 342 products and various LCA models for its cement and concrete plants.
On one hand, the benefits of EPDs are now well understood and will increase in the future as more and more building owners adopt LEED v4 or other sustainable construction certifications that encourage EPDs. On the other hand, the benefits of LCA models are many times still not fully integrated into the business processes. The development of sustainable products can be more straightforward as LCA models permit testing of a wide range of hypotheses, and give the whole picture of environmental impacts. Argos and PRé are finding ways to take full advantage of the richness of data embedded in robust LCA models starting at the product design phase. Thanks to a web-based software tool developed by PRé, now it is very easy for non LCA experts at Argos to manipulate exiting models, both at the cement and concrete level and quickly visualize the resulting changes in impacts.

At the cement plant level it is possible to modify variables associated with the different process at the quarry, the raw mix, the clinker kiln and the cement mill. For concrete, changes in the mix designs or concrete mixing facility operations can be explored through model modifications.
In this presentation we will share some examples of how the LCA model results help to guide the development of more sustainable products by giving visibility into the impacts of those scenarios in advance of implementation."

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