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Earth Concrete as a Promising Building
Name: Earth Concrete as a Promising Building
File: ouellet-plamondon presentatoin 05-13-15 6B.pdf
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Event: 2015 ICSC - MIAMI
Speaker Name: Ouellet-Plamondon, C.
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Date Uploaded: June 1, 2015; 1:06 pm
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Earth construction has lots of potential in region where conventional building materials are less available and there is also a growing interest in the developed world for natural building materials. Earth has an improved energy, ecological and carbon footprints. However, the material needs to be engineered to be able to meet the demand. Technology transfer from the cement industry is expected to increase the use of earth by the construction industry. Cement increases the resistance against weathering of the earth and can increase the strength, but cement interfere with the binding forces of clay. Calcium sulfoaluminate (CSA) or calcium aluminate (CA) cement are foreseen to be compatible with an earth concrete. The earth concrete was made with a plastering earth mixed with 5% cement, 1% superplasticizer dosed on the fine content and an initial water to binder ratio of 0.25. The methodology included mineralogical and physical characterization, hydration of cement and thermogravimetric analysis, rheology at the fresh state, mechanical and thermal properties. Results showed that calcium sulfoaluminate and calcium aluminate cements strengthen an earth concrete. Using these alternative cements in low dosage in earth mixture increased the dissolution of in the cement hydration. For CA and CSA/plaster, the dissolution transited quickly to the accelerated phase and the yield stress remained high after mixing, which would allow cast on site and reinforced applications. For the mix with CSA, the hydration was delayed 6 hours when used with earth and the yield stress was sufficiently low to allow for self-compacting applications for prefabricated element. These novel earth materials can improve construction time, cost efficiency and reduce the workforce, which are required to increase the use of earth in construction.

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