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Behavior of Confined Recycled Aggregate
Name: Behavior of Confined Recycled Aggregate
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There are significant environmental benefits of recycling and reusing waste concrete as aggregate for structural concrete. The use of recycled aggregate concrete (RAC), however, is currently limited to non-structural applications such as road base and erosion control. Widespread application of RAC, such as seismic applications, therefore requires an improved knowledge of the behavior under multi-axial state of stresses and development of behavioral models to describe the behavior under compression is essential. This paper presents part of the results of an extensive experimental investigation on mechanical properties of unreinforced RAC where the behavior under quasi-static axial loading was investigated and a one-of-a-kind stress-strain model was developed. It was observed that, quite similar to normal concrete, the stress-strain can be defined by a hyperbolic ascending-descending curve that is primarily a function of compressive strength, a straight descending branch which slope is a linear function of compressive strength followed by a sustaining branch. Development of this model is of great use in finite element simulation of RAC structural elements.

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