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CO2-Binding by Concrete Carbonation applied
Name: CO2-Binding by Concrete Carbonation applied
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Speaker Name: Ronning, A.
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The Environmental committee of Norwegian Concrete Association initiated in 2012 the project ‘CO2-binding by concrete’. In the first part of the project, the objective was to estimate the total CO2-binding by the Norwegian concrete building stock in service life and in the recovery phase due to carbonation of concrete. Current standards for LCA allow for the inclusion of carbonation as long as it reflects the purpose and scope of the study and when the underlying report describes how CO2 uptake is estimated. This paper presents the results of including the CO2-binding into LCA for three concrete products; inner wall, hollow core slab and roof tiles. CO2 binding was included both in the user phase and at the end of life. The quantification of carbonation as a part of the GWP (global warming potential) was based upon the estimates for CO2-binding found in the first part of the project. The different products have different ability to carbonate. Roof tiles may fully carbonate during 30 years, while inner wall has a significant lower carbonation rate. Based upon the results from including CO2 uptake in LCA of concrete products, it is recommended to incorporate calculation methods in PCR for concrete products. To ensure transparency and comparability of EPDs, the PCR should be as specific as possible with respect to carbonation rate for specific products during the life cycle and not give a carbonation rate for concrete products in general.

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