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Comparing Concrete EPDs
Name: Comparing Concrete EPDs
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Speaker Name: Simonen, K.
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Green building rating systems such as the USGBC’s LEED V4 and Architecture 2030’s Challenge for Products look to recognize and reward the use of products that demonstrate substantial reductions in environmental impacts when compared against an industry average. Architects and engineers are looking to use EPDs to select low impact concrete mixes and demonstrate a significant overall reduction to the material impacts of a buildings construction and achieve LEED V4 ‘whole building LCA’ credits. All these initiatives presume that the results of the EPD are comparable, yet the comparability of EPDs depends upon the comparability of LCA calculation methods and the underlying LCA data. While the Carbon Leadership Forum PCR for concrete provides clarity on the LCA methods and references LCA datasets, there remain significant choices that must be made by the LCA practitioner in order to complete the LCA resulting in questionable comparability. This presentation will frame key drivers for comparability, outline the critical steps to perform an LCA, include the key features of the current PCR and give an overview of current concrete EPDs. Additionally, the presentation will address the status of current CLF efforts to improve the detail of LCA datasets referenced in the PCR as well as future work to develop globally aligned PCRs and be in conformance with the USGBC’s ‘enhanced EPD PCR requirements.’

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