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A Life-Cycle Approach to Hazard, Risk and
Name: A Life-Cycle Approach to Hazard, Risk and
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In today’s world, there is more and more interest in the ingredients that go into the products we purchase. Whether that is food, clothing, personal care items or the structures that we live in. In the building industry, the interest in information about product ingredients has been geared more toward deselection (red lists, black lists) than optimizing ingredients for performance enhancement. Also, it has been very difficult to evaluate the products toxicological performance along its full life cycle as this requires hazard, exposure and risk assessment. ProScale is a new approach for toxicity indicators using REACH data and applicable within life cycle thinking. REACH provides a pool of information on exposures, hazards and risks of chemicals. This presentation will walk the audience through the initial concepts and current work that has been completed on the development of ProScale. Actual examples will be provided to further engage the audience and an opportunity to become involved in the development of the final model will be introduced.

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