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Approximation Assessment of Photocatalytic
Name: Approximation Assessment of Photocatalytic
File: Alleman Paper 05-16-16 D-2.pdf
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Speaker Name: Alleman, J.E.
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PAPER - This paper examines an approximation method to qualitatively assess the air-cleaning performance (i.e., specifically the elimination of aerial nitrogen oxide, NO, released within vehicular exhaust) by full-scale pavements which contain photo-catalytically reactive titanium dioxide under optimal conditions. Two hypothetical road configurations were considered using this method, including both a two-lane, low traffic density (i.e., 4,000 full-day AADT) and a four-lane, moderate traffic density (i.e., 10,000 full-day AADT) design. These options were then comparatively examined on the basis of expected European Union or United States vehicular emission levels. Using this paperís approximation method, and assuming best-case scenario conditions (i.e., original, un-aged, peak catalytic performance under optimal temperature, relative humidity, etc. conditions), day-time-only percentile removals in the ~mid-60% to ~90% range were predicted for EU two- and four-lane roadways with low to moderate traffic densities. In the case of similar US highway options, this methodís approximated day-time-only elimination percentile results were lower than what was predicted for similar EU road options, with a range of ~30% to ~40%. These latter, lower US road approximations were believed to be related to higher expected US versus EU vehicle emission levels (i.e., by a factor of ~two- to ~three-fold for light and heavy duty vehicles).

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