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Assessment of resilience and sustainability
Name: Assessment of resilience and sustainability
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Speaker Name: Barluenga, G.
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PAPER - The aim of this study is to evaluate the most common Cement based facade (CBF) solutions for mid-rise office buildings considering their functional performance level, sustainability and resilience against coastal and seismic climatic hazards with data and examples taken from a literature review. CBF are classified considering the materials, the reinforcement and application (cast in place, prefabricated, multilayered, etc.), self-weight, functional/control layers’ placement and interdependences with the structure. Then, CBF solutions are evaluated regarding their performance level (baseline, over-code and high performance) during “normal” operational conditions and amid climatic hazards. Sustainability analysis takes into account the manufacturing and construction impacts, the operational costs in normal conditions, durability aspects and the end of life conditions. Resilience assessment considers the effect of multiple coastal and seismic hazards, expected damages and recovery measures. A vulnerability analysis of the CBF types’ expected damages, levels of damage regarding the baseline performance of functional layers, and functionality loss is carried out. The conclusions highlight the advantages of the different CBF types and the weaknesses that should be addressed to improve sustainability and resilience.

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