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Effect of 'Chat' on Mechanical Properties of
Name: Effect of 'Chat' on Mechanical Properties of
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Speaker Name: Basha, F.
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PAPER - This research is aimed at producing an environmentally friendly concrete using the industrial waste product “chat” as a fine or coarse aggregate in concrete. Chat is a byproduct of mining and milling operations in lead and zinc mines. Federal agencies have suggested that chat be used in concrete and asphalt as aggregates for environmental protection purposes since it contains varying concentrations of lead. Observations from past research has shown that tailings used as aggregate substitutes generally help to increase the overall compressive strength of concrete. It has also been observed that tailings can reduce the level of chloride penetration in concrete. Concrete containing different percentages by weight of coarse aggregate and fine aggregate replaced by chat was mixed with a water to cement ratio of 0.4. The unconfined compression strength of each mix was determined at 28 days. The results indicate that the compressive strength of concrete is not reduced when chat is used in concrete and is in fact increased slightly when 50% of the coarse aggregate is replaced by chat. Rapid chloride migration and lead leachability tests are being conducted at present to determine the chloride penetration resistance and safety of this sustainable concrete.

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