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Comparing the Mechanical and Fracture
Name: Comparing the Mechanical and Fracture
File: Weiss Paper 05-18-16 D-7.pdf
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Speaker Name: Weiss, J.
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Date Uploaded: June 21, 2016; 12:44 pm
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PAPER - This paper compares the mechanical and fracture properties of concrete made using a typical ordinary portland cement (OPC) binder to that of concrete made using a calcium silicate cement (CSC) binder. The primary difference between the two binders is that the CSC binder carbonates to form a solid while the conventional OPC binder hydrates. One advantage of using concrete made with CSC rather than OPC is that the CSC can substantially reduce carbon emissions associated with construction. To compare performance of these two systems three tests were conducted. First, a displacement controlled compression test was performed to allow compressive strength, elastic modulus, and a stress strain diagram to be obtained. Second, a non-linear fracture test was performed to determine the critical stress intensity factor (a measure of toughness) and the critical crack tip opening displacement (a measure of the non-linear fracture process). In addition, a sustained-load fracture test was performed to ascertain the influence of moisture and loading rate on fracture properties. Results indicate that the samples made with OPC and CSC exhibit similar compressive and fracture properties. Fracture tests were performed at different crack mouth opening velocities and CSC showed similar performance at 1e-6m/s to 1e-7m/s and then a 20% decrease at velocities in the 1e-8m/s to 1e-9m/s range.

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