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2016 CONCRETEWORKSELD's, What's Required...Anthony DiMaioOctober 11, 2016; 10:18 amELD's, What's Required and What Are Othe...73
2016 CONCRETEWORKSWaters of the United States (WOTUS) Rule...Michael KimberlyOctober 11, 2016; 10:13 amWaters of the United States (WOTUS) Rule...5
2016 CONCRETEWORKSResources for Trouble Shooting & Improving...Alfred GardinerOctober 11, 2016; 10:12 amResources for Trouble Shooting & Improvi...9
2016 CONCRETEWORKSNegotiating Performance Based SpecificationsMichael Whisonant and Colin LoboOctober 11, 2016; 10:06 amNegotiating Performance Based Specificat...6
2016 CONCRETEWORKSManaging Returned ConcreteColin LoboOctober 11, 2016; 10:05 amManaging Returned Concrete by Colin Lobo...8
2016 CONCRETEWORKSManaging Returned ConcreteHerb BurtonOctober 11, 2016; 10:04 amManaging Returned Concrete by Herb Burto...9
2016 CONCRETEWORKSManaging Returned ConcreteGodwin AmekuediOctober 11, 2016; 10:03 amManaging Returned Concrete by Godwin Ame...11
2016 CONCRETEWORKSIndustry Data SurveyBob CapassoOctober 11, 2016; 10:02 amIndustry Data Survey Results by Bob Capa...29

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